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Are you a homeowner looking to finally build your dream home, but don’t know where to start?  Or are you a builder that is tired of substandard service levels and lack of capability available at typical building centres?  If either of the answers is yes, then let United Lumber and United Truss with our professional sales and design team help you with your design/build process. 

Our team will help by assessing your design, and/or direct you our network of prominent architectural firms we deal with in our trade areas if a design is needed.

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Questions will be asked during the discovery phase to help expedite your project and to accurately assess your needs. United Lumber and United Truss supplies many prominent builders and renovators in Simcoe County, the GTA and surrounding markets.

We have a proven track record of providing material to thousands of homes, and getting the job done right.  Give United Lumber and United Truss a chance to prove ourselves by calling or visiting any one of our locations and speaking with a member of our outside sales team.  

Alternatively please submit your house plans by using the form on this page. We can accept .jpg, .gif and .png images as well as .pdf files.


Please include up to three (3) files below:


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